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Low Carb Steak Pie – Savory & Keto Friendly Pies

Once upon a blog post, long long ago, we wrote up a quick work-in-progress recipe for Pie Crusts. It was geared toward sweet pies since the hubs requested a sugar free pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. And it was, per usual, delicious. Check out the practice runs and recipe for sweet Keto Friendly Pie Crusts here.… Continue reading Low Carb Steak Pie – Savory & Keto Friendly Pies

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Pie Crust Practice

'Tis the season of PIE. Around November you'll see some variation of pumpkin pie just about everywhere you go! My husband requested one this year but I've never made one before... so my first attempt at a low carb, keto friendly crust with pumpkin filling has been a huge challenge. Luckily, after MANY mini pie… Continue reading Pie Crust Practice