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Low Carb Rice Substitutes

Oh rice, you sneaky minx. In terms of food, there's truly nothing - literally nothing - in the world quite like it. Quinoa and other high carb grains sometimes try to play the part but, they're definitely not rice. Did you know? 1 cup of rice has 44g net carbs and little nutrition to show… Continue reading Low Carb Rice Substitutes

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EASY Low Carb Substitutions

A master(ish) list of easy-to-find alternatives to many of your favorite carby foods - including examples of popular low carb and keto brands. This post will be updated as we discover new low carb substitutions and keto friendly alternatives. Keep in mind - many foods are already naturally low in carbs and require no substitutions… Continue reading EASY Low Carb Substitutions

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Modified Low(er) Carb Diets and Processed Foods

If you cannot eat a low carb or ketogenic diet but still want to take steps toward better health and can't seem to get away from old carby comforts, why not simply start by swapping out any PROCESSED foods for lower carb versions? At least, to begin with. Hear me out: While anything processed isn't… Continue reading Modified Low(er) Carb Diets and Processed Foods

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Low Carb Baking Supplies (UDATED! 3/18/21)

Cooking is an art. Baking is a science - especially when it comes to low carb baking! It can be a challenge to figure out what works and what doesn't when nothing looks or sounds familiar. To make low carb baking a bit easier for those just getting started, I've compiled a list of the… Continue reading Low Carb Baking Supplies (UDATED! 3/18/21)