Hi, I’m Cate. I like to cook low carb stuff.

“There is no one way to keto.”

This is a space dedicated to sharing my way of eating – an overall low carb, usually ketogenic, occasionally carnivore, rarely carbivore diet. Since starting keto in 2018, I’ve made tons of amazing food following recipes by master keto kitchen witches and I hope to follow in their footsteps as I continue to reinvent and experiment with my family’s favorite dishes.

I’m here to share all those experiences, good or bad, with you. The end goal is to build a healthier, simplified relationship with food.

Where did it start?

In 2018, I discovered my A1c level was creeping up along with my weight and if nothing changed, I’d be following the same path as my father (and many other family members) toward a fatal type 2 diabetes.

Long ago, I’d learned about fasting and practiced both long term and intermittent fasting methods, so that’s where my new journey began. But fasting alone wasn’t enough to cure a lifetime of abusing myself with food under the guise of comfort or love.

After months of researching different ways of low carb eating and weighing the pros/cons, my husband and I decided to dive into keto. It was the most flexible method we discovered and we loved that each person determines how best to reach nutritional ketosis for themselves.

So, what happened?

The first few weeks were crazy and the hanger was *real*, but we saw our moods improving and the weight was melting off with diet alone – and without starving ourselves. We found a new way to be creative by reinventing our most loved meals into low carb versions that were insanely satisfying.

Fast forward a year later and we’re in a much happier state of mind and continue to see improvements to our overall physical health. My husband no longer maintains a ketogenic diet but his way of eating remains low carb and mostly sugar free. I’m still keto most days, low carb always, and my A1c is in a normal range.

This is the way *my* body has always needed to fuel itself. Eating considerably less carbs isn’t a cure-all, not by a long shot. But it’s a great vehicle that can take you towards a seriously improved headspace around food, a better understanding of how your body reacts to it, and how best to fuel yourself, no matter what life throws at you.

If I ever go back to eating a Standard American Diet (200+ grams of carbs per day!!), I can guarantee that all my health issues will return including extreme anxiety and anger issues, morbid obesity, dizzy spells, pain throughout my body, pain just doing everyday normal things that shouldn’t be a big deal.

No more of that, never again, not ever.