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Keto Cheesy Fauxtatoes: Rutabaga Style

My quest for a low carb potato replacement continues! Today we have rutabaga-in-disguise. If potatoes and cabbage had a huge stinky-sweet baby, it would be rutabaga. Jump to Cheesy Fauxtatoes Recipe Once you start carving up this ginormous root vegetable (a labor of love btw), the aroma will punch you in the face. Hard. And… Continue reading Keto Cheesy Fauxtatoes: Rutabaga Style

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Autumn Keto Comfort Food

Comfort food means something different to everyone but one thing's for certain - it's usually a carbfest ready and waiting with open arms. Most of my life that comfort came from some variety of mac & cheese. For my husband, peanut butter and honey sandwiches or toast with Bovril are the best remedy for, well,… Continue reading Autumn Keto Comfort Food