Keto Desserts – Cookies, Cakes, and more!

Why reinvent the keto treat wheel when it already spins ’round and ’round so well? No new recipes here, but rather a summary of all the wonderful, delicious low carb treats we’ve already tried and LOVE.

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The last week or two of our Ketofy My Favs challenge was originally meant to be divided into 5 different posts and while I 100% believe each of these keto desserts totally deserve their very own, lengthy spiel about this crumb or that sweetener, they’ll just have to wait for another time.

Keto Chocolate Pudding

The recipe we tried in the photos above:

Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding (no eggs) by Wholesome Yum

We chose to make this recipe simply because we had all the ingredients on hand. The texture for us came out a bit more mousse-like and we chose to divide it into more servings to save a bit on calories because it was super rich with all that heavy cream! My son loved it, devoured 2 ramekins like there was no tomorrow – but personally, I’d like to try a recipe with less or no heavy cream as I’m sensitive to high amounts of casein.

Other Low Carb Chocolate Pudding Recipes:

Keto Chocolate Pudding (easiest, 3 ingredients) by Healthy Recipes
They’ve also made a quick video on YouTube.

Keto Chocolate Pudding (with eggs) by Diabetic Strong

The Most Decadent Low Carb Chocolate Pudding (with avocado) by Total Health with Dr. Nick (YouTube)

Keto Cookies

Our Favorite Recipe:

Keto Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies by Peace Love and Low Carb

These are super simple and made with just coconut flour, butter, sweetener, gelatin, baking soda, vanilla, and eggs. It’s simple and delicious and doesn’t contain any almond flour for a change. BUT – it’s easy to overdo the dry ingredients if you’re not weighing them, so please make sure your butter is melted so the coconut flour can fully absorb that moisture and fat content. We’ve tried out and really enjoyed some of the other recipes listed below and honestly – they’re all tasty.

Other Low Carb Cookie Recipes:

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies by FatForWeightLoss (AU)
This is a tried and true recipe – one we always return to at some point. We usually tweak it a bit though by adding a small amount of gelatin and sub out part of the erythritol for a brown sugar alternative.

Keto Cookies by Keto Connect (YouTube)
This is a search for ALL of the keto cookie recipes made by this couple – there are MANY.

Keto Lupin Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies by Fat Kitchen
The author of this recipe says these are the closest she’s gotten to high carb tasting cookies!

Aunt Rocky’s Oat Fiber Chocolate Chip Cookies by Roxana Lopez via Tasty Kitchen
The dough for this recipe is more like a batter and they’re super fluffy.

2 ingredient Almond Cookies (Keto, Low Carb) by Kirbie’s Cravings
These are super crunchy and super easy to make.

Keto Cakes

Our Favorite Recipe:

Keto Death by Chocolate Cake by Hey Keto Mama

This recipe is mainly about that very decadent cake, not the frosting or icing. Which is great for us. As always, our downfall with recipes like this is always the icing. Once you remove most high GI sugars from your diet and get used to how food actually tastes without it, most sweeteners usually taste way too intense – even in reduced amounts. So finding the right balance of how much sweetener to use vs what the recipe actually calls for, can be a challenge. That’s just how it is for our little family. Our suggestion would be to try the recipes exactly as they are first and then modify accordingly for any future recipes. We have a bad habit of switching things up on the first try and that’s very hit or miss.

Other Low Carb Cake Recipes:

Keto Birthday Cake (Vanilla Cake!) by The Big Man’s World

Homemade Keto Funnel Cakes by Gnom Gnom

Keto Cheesecake that will make you SPEECHLESS by Low Carb Recipes with Jennifer (YouTube)

Keto Lemon Pound Cake by Sonal’s Food (YouTube)

Keto Chocoflan Cake by Ketoserts (YouTube)

Keto Cinnamon Coffee Cake by Ketoserts (YouTube)

The Best Easy KETO Birthday Cake Recipe by The Protein Chef (YouTube)

Keto Doughnuts

Our Favorite Recipe:

Pillowy-Soft Keto Donuts by Gnom Gnom

Other Low Carb Doughnut Recipes:

How to Fry & Bake Keto Donuts | Krispy Kreme Keto Donuts by Keto Focus (YouTube)

Low Carb Keto DONUTS | Cinnamon Sugar Donut Recipe by Joe Duff (YouTube)

Keto Cream Filled Donuts by Hungry Elephant (YouTube)

Keto Sour Cream Glazed Donuts by Ketoserts (YouTube)

How to make the best keto donuts by Low Carb Recipe Ideas (YouTube)

Keto Donuts – Just 6 Ingredients by The Big Mans World

Keto Brownies

Our Favorite Recipe:

Oops. We haven’t made these from scratch yet! Doh. However, we’ve used two different premade mixes that we’re fairly happy with – Keto & Co and Good Dee’s.

We feel that both are kinda expensive for the amount they make, but if you’re just not in the mood to do it all from scratch then these, at the very least, taste good while remaining low carb. We usually find both on Amazon but they can purchased directly from their websites (linked above).

Other Low Carb Brownie Recipes:

1 Minute Keto Brownies by Joe Duff (YouTube)

Most Delicious Chewy Keto Brownies Ever by Low Carb Love (YouTube)

How To Make Easy Keto Brownies – Fudgy & Cakey by Low Carb Recipe Ideas (YouTube)

The best Keto Peanut Butter Brownies by Low Carb Spark

Other Sweet Keto Treats

A keto treat by any other name would taste as sweet… And they do! Below is an excerpt all about easy-to-make or easy-to-find desserts in our big list of Easy Low Carb Substitutions.

We may make a tiny profit from any affiliate and referral links in this post at no cost to you. Like, super tiny.

Cakes, Muffins, Cookies, Brownies, Pastries: Homemade from Low Carb Mixes, Low Carb & Keto Friendly Bakeries

Please, please, please stay away from the big brand name, boxed Sugar Free cake mixes. Oh my goodness. These are good for just one thing: farts. Yep. My son begged for these so we made 24 cupcakes and make no mistake – we ate the entire batch, but we will NEVER be doing THAT again. One of the triggering ingredients was the sheer amount of Maltitol used, yikes!

Low carb baked goods are not difficult to make at home (it’s cheaper) and some (non-farty) premade mixes make things even easier – we like Keto & Co’s Fudge Brownie Mix. But if you don’t have all the necessary extra ingredients in your kitchen, try searching for local bakeries and see if one specializes in making sugar free baked goods (preferably with a good low carb sweetener). You can also buy low carb cakes online – some bakeries are even on etsy! Check them out and be sure the ingredients and shipping times work for you before purchasing.

Keto and Co
Good Dee’s
Swerve Sweets

Ice Cream: Low Sugar, No Added Sugar, and Sugar Free

Rebel Creamery has likely stolen my heart when it comes to low carb ice cream, but the others aren’t that bad. We’ve found Rebel, Enlightened, and Halo Top in all of our favorite grocery stores. I’ve also purchased Rebel online during the first wave of lockdowns in 2020.

My husband, on the other hand, hasn’t found a brand of sugar free ice cream or homemade ice cream recipe that speaks to his soul. His search continues.

All I know for sure when it comes to sugar free ice cream – let it sit out for a good 15-20 minutes before you dive in. Seriously, sugar free creams don’t freeze the same way and will be ROCK SOLID. Let it thaw a little and you’ll be much happier with the texture.

Rebel Creamery
Halo Top
SoDelicious – No Sugar Added
Fairlife – Light Ice Cream
Edy’s – No Sugar Added
Blue Bunny – Sweet Freedom / No Sugar Added
Skinny Cow – No Sugar Added

Bonus! Sweet Snacks

Another excerpt from our Easy Low Carb Substitutions post briefly covers some ideas to satisfy the sweet/snacky side of low carb life:

Sweet Snacks: Sugar Free Cookies, Keto Cookies, Sugar Free Gummies, Low Carb Snack Bars, Low Carb Muffins, Low Carb Cake Cups, Sugar Free Chocolate, Sugar Free Pudding, Fat Bombs, Spoonful of Peanut Butter

Some of us have a finely developed sweet tooth and while there are PLENTY of sugar free sweets on the market, they are not created equally. Some of the sugar alternative ingredients used in these products will still spike your blood sugars or may cause some digestive upset.

On the bright side, there are decent low carb sweet snacks readily available that shouldn’t cause any serious reactions. HighKey’s Mini Cookies, for example, are one of our favorite little snacks – they actually remind us of mini Chips Ahoy cookies! They’re made with familiar, easy-to-read ingredients and while on the pricier side IMO, you could eat an entire bag and not blow your carbs for the day.

Pro tip: 1 tiny HighKey Chocolate Chip Cookie + 1 small piece of Lily’s Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate = Mouth Heaven.

HighKey Mini Cookies
Smart Sweets Gummies
Nush Cakes
Quest Nutrition Protein Bars / Cookies
Snack House
Atkins Snack Bars / Candy
Birch Benders Cake a la cup
Smart Baking Company Smartcakes / Smartmuf’n
ChocZero Keto Bark
Lily’s Chocolate Bars
Simply Delish
SlimFast Fat Bombs
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (Sugar Free)

Note: Many convenience foods – sweets in particular – sacrifice simple, healthy ingredients for the sake of tasting more familiar and/or for preservatives/cheaper alternatives. While they may not be the healthiest choice for everyone out there, it’s up to you to decide if the food meets your needs.


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