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Keto Shopping List – Walmart Edition

Hello, hello! As a precursor to a huge article in the works about super easy keto substitutes, I’d like to take a break and share our current keto shopping list for Walmart.

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When the pandemic first stormed in last year, the way we shopped for groceries was turned completely upside down. We 100% prefer to pick out our fresh produce/proteins and browse options in person, but living in a household with immunocompromised people meant we had to scale that back and do whatever we could to significantly reduce potential exposure.

We turned to grocery delivery to fill in the gaps but most come with so many caveats or trade offs that just aren’t worth it. We’ve tried a few different services and it wasn’t until recently that Walmart grocery delivery was available in our area. The inventory for our local store is a bit deceptive as nothing you order is reserved; you kinda play a roulette and hope that whatever’s on your list will be on the shelves when the shopper starts to pack your bags or that the substitutes are reasonable. On top of that, some shoppers have, let’s say… interesting… ideas of what decent, non-wilted, non-spoiled foods look like.

That said, after months on end without some of our favorite Keto finds, we’re sticking with Walmart for most of our weekly keto shopping until we can shop more safely in person or another service becomes available out here.

Below is a sampling for one of our weekly keto shopping orders from Walmart.

Keto Shopping List: Walmart

Fresh Produce

  • Asparagus, Bunch
  • Organic Baby Spinach, 5 oz
  • Organic Zucchini, 2 Pack
  • Fresh Blueberries, 11 oz

Frozen Vegetables

  • Riced Cauliflower: Birds Eye Spanish Style, 10 oz
  • Riced Cauliflower: Birds Eye Savory Herb, 10 oz
  • Mashed Cauliflower: Birds Eye with Sour Cream & Chives, 12 oz
  • Broccoli Florets, 10 oz


  • Large Eggs, 12 or 18 ct
  • Heavy Whipping Cream: Great Value Ultra-Pasteurized Real, 32 oz
  • Almondmilk: Great Value Original Unsweetened, 1/2 gal
  • Sharp Cheddar Cheese: Great Value, 8 oz
  • String Cheese: Sargento Mozzarella, 12-Count
  • Sour Cream: Daisy Pure & Natural, 8 oz
  • Greek Yogurt: Two Good Lowfat Lower Sugar Vanilla (or other flavors as available), 5.3 oz. Cups, 4 Count
    Quick Tip Recipe: Combine one 5oz cup of vanilla Two Good yogurt with natural peanut butter OR blueberries for a super fast, extra tasty, low carb treat.


  • Pork Butt Country Style Ribs Bone-In, 2.18 – 3.5 lb
  • Chicken Breast Tenderloins: Freshness Guaranteed, 2.25 – 3.2 lb
  • Beef Top Sirloin Steak Family Pack, 1.15 – 2.43 lb
  • Ground Beef: All Natural 85% Lean/15% Fat Round Tray, 1 lb


  • Bacon: Oscar Mayer Original Center Cut, 12 oz Pack
  • Pepperoni: Mama Mary’s 6 oz. Pack
  • Turkey Breast: Oscar Mayer Natural Slow Roasted, 14 oz
  • Roast Beef: Oscar Mayer Natural Slow Roasted, 7 oz
  • Hot Dogs: Oscar Mayer Classic Beef Uncured Franks, 10 ct Pack

Frozen Meat

  • Shrimp: Great Value Frozen Raw Large Peeled and Deveined Tail-Off, 2 lb
  • Sausage Patties: Banquet Brown N Serve Original Fully Cooked 40 Count, 32 oz

Frozen Meals

  • Happi Foodi Keto Bowl Beef Shepherd’s Pie, 10 oz
  • Healthy Choice Simply Steamers Grilled Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo, 9.15 oz.
  • Real Good Cheese Enchiladas, 4.7 oz


  • Macadamia Nuts: Great Value, 4 oz
  • Olives: Mezzetta Pitted Castelvetrano Italian, 8.0 oz
  • Pork Rinds: Mac’s Variety Pack; 10 Pack
  • Peanut Butter: Smucker’s Creamy Natural, 16-Ounce
  • Ketchup: Heinz Tomato No Sugar Added, 13 oz Bottle
  • Sugar Free BBQ Sauce: G Hughes Smokehouse, Original, 18 oz
  • Marinara Sauce: Lucini Italia Organic Tomato Sauce, Tuscan, 25.5 fl oz


  • Tortillas: La Banderita Carb Counter Carb Lean, 8 count, 11.9 oz
  • Tortillas: Mission Carb Balance Soft Taco Flour, 8 Count 12 oz

Low Carb Items 
(These are lower carb items that my husband enjoys, but perhaps not low enough for a ketogenic diet.)

  • Sabra Classic Hummus, 10 oz
  • Wholly Guacamole Minis Classic Mild, 6 count, 2 oz
  • Organic Baby Carrots, 1lb bag
  • Happi Foodi Keto Eggplant Lasagna Bowl 10oz
  • Nature’s Own Life Sugar Free 100% Whole Grain Bread, 16 oz

Disclaimer: Like most shopping lists, we only buy some of these items when we need to restock. That makes this keto shopping list from Walmart pretty practical for our monthly budget, even with the added delivery costs. We also tend to over-buy during holidays in case of unavailability or poor substitutions.

This is just what our typical Walmart keto shopping list looks like, built around our particular tastes – so while this offers some realistic ideas of what a small family living in the real world can sustain, keep in mind that most grocery stores offer so many more options than the list above. Explore, try new things, and you’ll discover your own unique keto way of eating.


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