Ketofy My Favs Challenge!

In February 2020, I asked friends and family “what are your favorite higher carb/sugary meals and foods?” so I could challenge myself and others (you!) to turn these loved foods into lower carb versions.

Below you’ll find the big list of high carb foods that ya’ll helped throw together and a general timeline for when we’ll be testing recipes and releasing new posts for each one. Check back here or follow me on Instagram to see each completed challenge.

Be sure to comment on any #KetofyMyFavs posts whenever you try out a recipe or new food related to the challenge! Share the good (and the bad) so others can learn from your experience 😄

1Biscuits and Gravy | Read PostComplete!
1Loaded Potatoes | Read PostComplete!
1Grilled Cheese | Read PostComplete!
2Lasagna | Read PostComplete!
2Steak Pies | Read PostComplete!
3Pita and Flatbread | Read PostComplete!
3Pizza | Read PostComplete!
4Fettuccine Noodles | Read PostComplete!
4Rice | Read PostComplete!
5Chocolate Pudding | Read PostComplete!
5Cookies | Read PostComplete!
5Cakes | Read PostComplete!
6Doughnuts | Read PostComplete!
6Brownies | Read PostComplete!

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